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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

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All about mercury

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The EVISA Link database contains information about all aspects of mercury speciation:
- mercury species determination (analytical methods etc)
- toxicity and biological activity of different mercury species
- distribution and fate of mercury species in the environment
- mobility, bioavailability and bioaccumulation of mercury species
- Research groups and their projects related to the chemical speciation of Hg
- Standards, rules and legislation related to mercury

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US EPA: National Lake Fish Tissue Study
This study is a national screening-level survey of chemical residues in fish tissue from lakes and reservoirs in the conterminous United States (lower 48 states), excluding the Laurentian Great Lakes ...

USA: New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission: Mercury research
Mercury Research Research pertaining to mercury is taking place at a number of institutions across North America. METAALICUS (Mercury Experiment to Ass...

USA: University of Connecticut's team Hg
Team Hg is a group of scientists and students associated with UConn's Department of Marine Sciences pursuing fundamental research into the biogeochemistry of mercury (Hg). Our focus has been under...

USGS: Mercury-Contaminated Fish--Is it Old or New Mercury?
An international consortium of scientists has undertaken a major experiment to determine just that. The experiment is called METAALICUS (Mercury Experiment To Assess Atmospheric ...

USGS: Methyl-Mercury Degradation in Florida Everglades Peat-Sediment
High concentrations of methyl-mercury (CH3Hg+), a substance toxic to both animals and humans, recently have been measured in a number of top predators (including panthers and game fish) native to the ...

The Mercury Experiment to Assess Atmospheric Loadings in Canada and the US (METAALICUS) project is a unique, whole ecosystem mercury loading study to test the watershed-scale response to a change...

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