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Speciation News

Mercury and Autism: Is there a Link ?
( 12.11.2017 )
Two new studies by researchers from Iran investigate the link between autism and mercury (and other heavy metals) by a meta-analysis of existing scientific literature. ...

Gadolinium found in the brain of a patient two years after having received a Gd-based contrast agent for medical imaging
( 16.10.2017 )
A group of researchers from Münster (Germany) found gadolinium in different brain regions of a patient post mortem with highest concentreations above 800 ng/g more than two years after having received...

Seabass populations can be differentiated by their Mercury Isotope Distribution
( 13.10.2017 )
A group of european researchers has analyzed the mercury isotope composition in marine fish for seven distinct populations of the European seabass. Mercury isotopic values provided information on merc...

FDA panel calls for warning labels on gadolinium-based contrast agents for MRI
( 15.09.2017 )
The Medical Imaging Drugs Advisory Committee (MIDAC) of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) voted 13 to 1 on last Friday, with 1 abstention, for recommending adding a warning to labels about gad...

EU notifies WTO of change to chromium VI limit in toys
( 14.09.2017 )
The European Commission has notified the WTO of a draft Directive amending the migration limit for chromium VI in scraped-off toy materials. ...

Impressions from the 6th Metallomics Symposium
( 20.08.2017 )
Last week about 200 scientists from 29 countries met in Vienna for the 6th Metallomics symposium....

Exchange of sulfur against selenium makes insulin analogue last longer
( 19.08.2017 )
By replacing sulfur with selenium, scientists have developed a long-lasting synthetic insulin analogue that could be used for treating diabetes. ...

EMA Issues Final Opinion Limiting Gadolinium Contrast Agents in Body Scans
( 29.07.2017 )
Last week the European Medicines Agency (EMA) issued a final opinion confirming restrictions on the use of certain gadolinium agents in MRI body scanners and suspending the authorizations of others....

U.S. EPA Approves Limits on Mercury in California Waters
( 19.07.2017 )
Yesterday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced the approval of new water quality criteria for mercury in California waters. The new rules, developed by the State Water Resources Control...

Arsenic species in human milk
( 18.07.2017 )
A group of researchers from Austria and Norway have developed methods for arsenic speciation analysis of human milk. Both the aqueous-soluble fraction as well as the lipid fraction was analysed. Inorg...

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