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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

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Speciation News

Dietary mercury exposure: Mercury isotopes can tell the source
( 16.04.2018 )
By comparing the mercury isotopic composition in human hair and dietary sources for Chinese inland population, the major mercury exposure sources were identified. ...

EU Commission Releases 10th Anniversary Report on REACH Directive
( 03.04.2018 )
Marking the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the European Union’s (EU’s) REACH Regulation, the EU Commission has published a report highlighting the EU’s progress in reducing chemical risks a...

New CRM for trace metals in chocolate released (ERM-BD512)
( 25.03.2018 )
The European Joint Research Center (JRC) has released a new Certified Reference Material (CRM) ERM-BD512 Dark Chocolate supporting food authorities in ensuring chocolate is safe for consumption. ...

Note to our registered users
( 17.03.2018 )
EVISA is proud of having a faithfully user community that has produced more than 1.7 Mio visits last year and is a strong motivation to continue our work dedicated to inform about all important aspect...

Thermo Fisher Launches New ICP-MS in Semiconductor Manufacturing
( 16.03.2018 )
On March 13, 2018, Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) announced the launch of the iCAP TQs ICP-MS for fast and reliable chemical monitoring aimed at advancing analytical capabilities for improving quality...

EVISA welcomed its 11 Millionth User
( 15.03.2018 )
More than 1.7 Million users visited the EVISA web portal during the year 2017 and downloaded about 12.5 Million pages full of information. Last month EVISA welcomed its 11 Millionth user....

Essentiality of selenium for brain development
( 14.02.2018 )
200 years after its discovery, scientists from the German Research Center for Environmental Health (Helmholtz Zentrum München) and the University of Düsseldorf could demonstrate a specific and indispe...

Huge Amounts of Toxic Mercury Found Hidden in the Arctic Permafrost
( 07.02.2018 )
Researchers have discovered the world's largest amount of toxic mercury trapped inside the frozen ground in permafrost regions....

U.S. Peer review panel agrees on the classification of antimony trioxide as a carcinogen
( 06.02.2018 )
A US peer review panel has voted to accept the three key outcomes of a draft assessment of antimony trioxide that concludes the substance is 'reasonably anticipated' to be a human carcinogen....

Speciation vs Fractionation
( 05.02.2018 )
Many authors reporting analytical work related to elemental composition use the term "speciation" implying to report about "speciation analysis" when they actually have used fractionation techniques. ...

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