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All about mercury

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The EVISA Link database contains information about all aspects of mercury speciation:
- mercury species determination (analytical methods etc)
- toxicity and biological activity of different mercury species
- distribution and fate of mercury species in the environment
- mobility, bioavailability and bioaccumulation of mercury species
- Research groups and their projects related to the chemical speciation of Hg
- Standards, rules and legislation related to mercury

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WHO: Air Quality Guidelines - Mercury
Chapter 6.9 Mercury Air Quality Guidelines - Second EditionAn increase in ambient air levels of mercury will result in an increase in deposition in natural  bodies of water, possibly leading to elevat...


Modelling of atmospheric mercury transport
The Atmospheric Modeling Division (AMD) of EPA has been working on the development of atmospheric mercury models since the early 1990's when the Regional Lagranian Model of Air Pollution (RELMAP) ...

USGS: Speciation and Fractionation Modeling Studies -- Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC)-Mercury Interaction


APPA Supports Cap-and-Trade and MACT Approaches to Mercury Reduction

EC: Position Paper: Ambient Air Pollution by Mercury

European Commission, October 2001: Position Paper on Ambient Air Pollution by Mercury
Position paper on Mercury(pdf format Table of contents(~60K) Executive Summary(~80K) Recommendation and working ...

European Commission: Environment: Mercury
EU strategy The European Union has made considerable progress in addressing the global challenges of mercury since it launched the EU mercury strategy in 2005. This has resulted in re...

Global Mercury Project (GMP) in Central Kalimantan
Removal of barriers to the introduction of cleaner gold mining and extraction technologies  The Global Mercury Project (GMP) has been sponsored since August 2002 by the Global Environment Facilit...

In these new times: Global Vaccine Agenda – Mercury and Autism
David Ayoub, M.D. Explains the relations of Mercury to Autism and the connections to National Security Study Memorandum 200 for population control. Part 1-10 (each about 10 min video) ...

Mercury Action Now !
MercuryActionNOW is a new online resource created by Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) to provide health care professionals and concerned citizens with information about the effects of mercur...

Mercury Hurts !
from the site....Coal-fired power plants are the country’s largest unregulated source of mercury pollution. These plants, which also contribute to acid rain and smog, account for 1/3 of all air...

Mercury Policy Project
The Mercury Policy Project (MPP) works to promote policies to eliminate mercury uses, reduce the export and trafficking of mercury, and significantly reduce mercury exposures at the local, national, a...

NIH: Mercury': Law, Regulations, Policy
Mercury: Law, Regulations, Policy OverviewLaw, Regulations and PolicySpecific AspectsTopic-related Searches of National Library of Medicine ResourcesBlogs, News, Podcasts, and Videos...

NoMercury: Working to make our Nation mercury-free
NoMercury is a philanthropic based venture whose mission is to educate policy makers, physicians and the public regarding the dangers associated with the use of Thimerosal (thiomersal), a mercury cont...

The failure of chemical regulation: The case of mercury
Rachel's Democracy & Health News #840 February 2, 2006 THE FAILURE OF CHEMICAL REGULATION: THE CASE OF MERCURY Rachel's summary: Year after year since 1953, researchers have uncovered ne...

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