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EVISA's Link Database informs about the different aspects of research related to speciation:
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Research Group

UK: Trace Element Speciation Laboratory, Aberdeen (tesla)
We are committed to the identification of environmental and biological processes in which metals and metalloids play a central role, by determination of the form of the metal(loid) species by use of s...

UK: University of Birmingham: Research Group of Mike Hannon
Our group is interested in DNA recognition and metal-based anticancer drugs (metallodrugs). In particular we use supramolecular chemistry to recognise DNA in new and unprecedented wa...

USA: Center for Air Toxic Metal (CATM) at the Energy and Environmental Research Center (EERC)
The Center for Air Toxic Metals® (CATM®) at the University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) was established in 1992 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency...

USA: Joseph A. Caruso Research Group: Elemental Speciation by Plasma Spectrometry
IntroductionChemical trace element analysis is a many-faceted and important problem. Trace elements may be both toxic and essential to life. No longer is it sufficient to simply analyze for the total...

USA: New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission: Mercury research
Mercury Research Research pertaining to mercury is taking place at a number of institutions across North America. METAALICUS (Mercury Experiment to Ass...

USA: Ohio State University: Cowan Group
Catalytic MetalloDrugs Design of metallodrugs against structured RNA target motifs from viral and bacterial pathogens and elaboration of the structural, thermodynamic and kinetic principals underlying...

USA: University of Connecticut's team Hg
Team Hg is a group of scientists and students associated with UConn's Department of Marine Sciences pursuing fundamental research into the biogeochemistry of mercury (Hg). Our focus has been under...

USGS Arsenic Studies Group
The environmental effects of arsenic have become of major concern to federal agencies, state agencies, foreign governments, and private industries. S...


Bacterial Demethylation of Methylmercury in the South Florida Ecosystem
Project Investigators: Ronald S. Oremland, Mark Marvin-DiPasquale Project Start Date: 1995 End Date: 1999 ProposalsDataMetadataPublications The objectiv...

Cisplatin: The invention of an Anticancer Drug
Cisplatin chemotherapy now recognized for dramatic lengthening of survival for some common types of lung cancer.  Read through this unit for a description of cisplatin science...

Technetium Metal and Pyrometallurgically Formed Sediments Study and Speciation by Tc-NMR and EXAFS/XANES
EXAFS and NMR are promising methods to enable us with speciation of radioactive nuclides. It is important to use them for Tc speciation in pyrometallurgy which is now considered the most probable alte...

The accumulation, distribution, and elimination of dietary arsenobetaine in Atlantic salmon and Atlantic cod,
We investigated the accumulation, distribution, and elimination of dietary arsenobetaine in Atlantic salmon and Atlantic cod, with the focus on muscle, liver, and kidney tissues. The fish were exposed...

US EPA: National Lake Fish Tissue Study
This study is a national screening-level survey of chemical residues in fish tissue from lakes and reservoirs in the conterminous United States (lower 48 states), excluding the Laurentian Great Lakes ...


Arsenic testing in groundwater of Cambodia
ARSENIC TESTING Early in our assessment of the quality of ground water RDI discovered high levels of naturally occurring arsenic in water all over Cambodia.  Testing wells ...

Calculation of chemical speciation in aqueous solution at thermodynamic equilibrium using MICROQL
Learning targets After the study of the included materials you should be able to explain the term "chemical speciation",discuss the relevance of chemical speciation in the disciplines of environmenta...

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