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EVISA's Link Database informs about the different aspects of research related to speciation:
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- Projects
- Research groups
- Results from speciation analytical research
- Training and education

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ChemgaPedia: Case Study - Tributyltin (TBT)
Course id: 50153Case Study - Tributyltin (TBT)This VLU discusses the inputs of TBT into the marine environment, its accumulation and management.  A case study will be used to describe the impact ...

Chemische Speziation gelöster Stoffe: Modellrechnungen
Kurze Einführung:Was bedeutet "Chemische Speziation" ?Warum sind Speziationen wichtig?Wozu werden Speziationen berechnet?Welche Faktoren bestimmen die Spezies-Verteilung in natürlichen Systemen ?Grund...

Electrospray with syringe pump
The video shows the influence of the electrical field strength on the electrospray nebulization process with a flow rate of 10uL/min using a syringe pump.  ...

EVISA Workshop: Mercury speciation analysis - The basis for sound risk assessment, and optimized remediation strategies for contaminated soils, sediments and sludge
Presentations given during EVISA's Workshop on Mercury Speciation From the following program you can download PDF-versions of the presentations as presented during the EVISA workshop on mer...

Fuels and Society: B. Sixty Years of Tetraethyllead - How the Best Known Poison on Earth Remained in the Gasoline Supply for Sixty Years
The Questions: How did lead compounds, whose extreme toxicity were known for more than a century before they were introduced into gasoline, become an accepted and everyday component of the fuels we us...

ICP-MSby Jenna Worley and Steve KvechThis site gives a brief introduction into the development of Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry. ...

Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships (EIF)
Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships are individual fellowships that aim at providing advanced training tailored to the researchers\' individual needs with a view to adding different/complemen...

Principles of Instrumental Analysis
Welcome to the Skoog, Holler, Crouch Companion Site Principles of Instrumental Anal...

Speciation analysis using ICPMS
Lecture: Speciation analysis using ICPMSfirst speaker: Walter Goessler, Institut fur Chemie; Karl-Franzens Universitat (41:00 Min.)second speaker: Kevin Francesconi, Institut fur Chemie; Karl-Franzens...

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