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Links: PAN Pesticides Database - Chemicals: Phenylmercury acetate
  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.889 )
PMA - Identification, toxicity, use, water pollution potential, ecological toxicity and regulatory information Note: See Working with the Information on this Page section below...

Committee for Socio-economic Analysis agrees on two draft opinions on restriction proposals for mercury compounds under REACH
  (Last Mod.:2019-08-15 / Rating: 8.858 )

Links: Mercury in Drugs and Biological Products
  (Last Mod.:2011-08-23 / Rating: 5.080 )
The information in this list is derived from submissions made by manufacturers+1 in response to the agency's call-for-data notices of December 14, 1998 (63 FR 68775), April ...

Links: US EPA: Mercury use: Chemical Manufacturers/Users
  (Last Mod.:2008-12-14 / Rating: 5.078 )
Mercury compounds are used in a wide variety of settings by chemical manufacturers. Chemical uses of mercury may occur in catalysts, cosmetics, explosives, fireworks, livestock...

EVISA Newsletter 2010-10
  (Last Mod.:2011-09-03 / Rating: 5.057 )

EVISA Newsletter 2011-07
  (Last Mod.:2011-07-15 / Rating: 5.054 )

EVISA Newsletter 2012-10
  (Last Mod.:2012-10-20 / Rating: 5.052 )

European Commission consults on chemicals legislation outside REACH
  (Last Mod.:2016-03-23 / Rating: 5.051 )

Registrations pick up as REACH deadline looms
  (Last Mod.:2019-08-15 / Rating: 5.050 )

European Commission announces ban on cadmium in plastics
  (Last Mod.:2019-08-15 / Rating: 5.049 )

REACH Committee Approves Draft Regulation to Amend the REACH Annexes to Address Nanomaterials
  (Last Mod.:2019-08-15 / Rating: 5.047 )

REACH: Substances of very high concern
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-29 / Rating: 5.044 )

European Chemicals Agency opens in Helsinki
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-25 / Rating: 5.042 )

EU Commission Releases 10th Anniversary Report on REACH Directive
  (Last Mod.:2019-08-15 / Rating: 5.040 )

REACH pre-registration deadline expires soon
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-27 / Rating: 5.038 )

ECHA reports the final REACH registration numbers - Nearly 25,000 dossiers
  (Last Mod.:2019-08-15 / Rating: 5.037 )

European Parliament and Council officially signed REACH
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-24 / Rating: 5.036 )

EC publishes new fees and charges for REACH registration
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-25 / Rating: 5.020 )

One third of all chemicals used in high quantity in Europe is not respecting EU safety laws
  (Last Mod.:2019-08-15 / Rating: 5.020 )

UNEP Global Mercury Treaty May Include Ban on Mercury in Medicine
  (Last Mod.:2014-03-02 / Rating: 5.019 )

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