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PittCon 2010 Review II: SPECTRO announce a new era in ICP Mass Spec
  (Last Mod.:2011-03-29 / Rating: 9.820 )

Shimadzu: New Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS)
  (Last Mod.:2016-03-23 / Rating: 8.927 )

Triple Quad ICP-MS: Pushing the limits for quantitation of phosphorus and sulfur
  (Last Mod.:2014-03-28 / Rating: 8.679 )

New mass spectrometric method allows fast and comprehensive analyses of metabolites
  (Last Mod.:2009-09-10 / Rating: 7.316 )

Size exclusion for element speciation in mushrooms
  (Last Mod.:2008-06-01 / Rating: 7.217 )

Instrument manufacturer Bruker to exit underperforming instrument lines
  (Last Mod.:2014-09-05 / Rating: 7.185 )

Characterization and Speciation of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles by MEKC-ICP-MS
  (Last Mod.:2014-08-04 / Rating: 7.100 )

Agilent Technologies publishes 2nd Edition of its Handbook of Hyphenated ICP-MS Applications
  (Last Mod.:2014-03-28 / Rating: 5.110 )

Agilent Technologies' Acquisition of Varian, Inc. Cleared by European Commission
  (Last Mod.:2011-03-29 / Rating: 5.078 )

Species-specific isotope dilution analysis has been adopted as an official method under US legislation
  (Last Mod.:2009-11-22 / Rating: 5.072 )

Themed Issue "Metallomics 2011" now available
  (Last Mod.:2015-03-15 / Rating: 5.070 )

PLSG Invests $100,000 in Applied Isotope Technologies, Inc., for Development of New Technologies for Environmental and Biological Analyses
  (Last Mod.:2006-10-29 / Rating: 5.064 )

Bruker introduces new Bruker Advance HPLC for ICP-MS
  (Last Mod.:2014-03-28 / Rating: 5.063 )

New reference materials for the characterisation of selenium-enriched food products
  (Last Mod.:2012-01-26 / Rating: 5.061 )

Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Speciation Analysis Capabilities For High Resolution ICP-MS
  (Last Mod.:2008-01-07 / Rating: 5.057 )

Manganese concentrations in air particulates higher in residential neighborhoods than industrial sites, varies by region
  (Last Mod.:2013-11-11 / Rating: 5.055 )

Chromate in food samples: an artefact of wrongly applied analytical methodology
  (Last Mod.:2015-04-26 / Rating: 5.052 )

Agilent Technologies Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS Selected for R&D 100 Award
  (Last Mod.:2013-08-24 / Rating: 5.049 )

Double spiking species-specific isotope dilution result calculations simplified
  (Last Mod.:2008-05-15 / Rating: 5.046 )

New Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS launched by Thermo Fisher
  (Last Mod.:2017-07-12 / Rating: 5.044 )

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