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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

Materials produced by the company:
JRC - Joint Research Centre

The EVISA database on materials contains information about Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), standard materials (for identification of compounds or calibration), sorbents and reagents used within the framework of trace element and speciation analysis. The following list for the cited company are the products related to these topics. For a complete list of products for this company please visit the company web site.

BCR-010 - Tin in tin ore concentrate
BCR-032 - Trace elements in Moroccan phosphate rock
BCR-033 - Superphosphate
BCR-038 - Fly ash from pulverized coal
BCR-060 - Aquatic Plant (Lagarosiphon major)
BCR-063R Skim milk powder (natural)
BCR-100 - Minor and trace elements in beech leaves
BCR-113 - Potassium Chloride Fertilizer
BCR-114 - Potassium Sulphate Fertiliser
BCR-126A - Lead glass
BCR-129 - Hay Powder
BCR-141R - Trace elements in calcareous loam soil
BCR-142R - Light sandy soil
BCR-143R - Sewage sludge amended soil
BCR-144R - Sewage Sludge
BCR-145R - Sewage Sludge (mixed origin)
BCR-146R - Sewage sludge (industrial origin)
BCR-176R - Fly ash
BCR-182 - Steam coal
BCR-185R - Bovine Liver
BCR-186 - Pig Kidney
BCR-191: Brown bread
BCR-277R - Estuarine Sediment
BCR-278R - Mussel tissue
BCR-279 Sea lettuce
BCR-280R - Lake sediment
BCR-286 - Electrolytically Refined Lead
BCR-287 - Thermally refined Lead
BCR-288 - Lead with added impurities
BCR-304 - Human serum
BCR-320R - Channel Sediment
BCR-397 - Trace elements in human hair
BCR-402 - Trace elements in white clover
BCR-414 - Trace elements in plankton
BCR-422: Trace elements in cod muscle
BCR-462 - Tributyltin and Dibutyltin in Coastal Sediment
BCR-463 Tuna fish
BCR-464 - Tuna fish
BCR-477 - Butyltin compounds in mussel tissue
BCR-482 Lichen
BCR-483 - Extractable trace elements in sewage sludge amended soil
BCR-484 - Sewage Sludge amended (Terra Rossa) Soil
BCR-505 - Estuarine water
BCR-544 - Cr(III), Cr(VI) and total Cr in lyophilised solution
BCR-545 - Welding dust loaded on a filter
BCR-579 - Coastal seawater
BCR-580 - Total and methylmercury in estuarine sediment
BCR-596 - Aquatic Plant (trapa natans)
BCR-597 - Sewage Sludge
BCR-605 - Urban dust
BCR-609 - Ground water
BCR-610 - Ground water
BCR-617 - Artificial groundwater
BCR-626 - Arsenobetaine solution
BCR-627 - Forms of arsenic in tuna fish tissue
BCR-634 Trace elements in reconstituted human blood
BCR-635 Human Blood
BCR-636 Human Blood
BCR-646 Freshwater Sediment
BCR-667 - Estuarine Sediment
BCR-668 - Mussel tissue
BCR-670 - Duck weed
BCR-684 - River Sediment
BCR-700 - Organic-rich soil
BCR-701 - Lake sediment
BCR-713 - Wastewater effluent
BCR-723 - Road dust
ERM-AC626 Arsenobetaine in Water
ERM-AE633 (63Cu in 1 M HNO3)
ERM-AE637 (24Mg in 0.2 M HNO3)
ERM-AE638 (26Mg in 0.1 M HNO3)
ERM-AE639 (Hg-202 in HCl)
ERM-AE640 (Hg-202 in HCl)
ERM-AE641 (35Cl in water)
ERM-AE642 (37Cl in water)
ERM-AE647 (63Cu in 1 M HNO3)
ERM-AE649 (205Tl in 1 M HNO3)
ERM-AE671 CH3(202Hg)Cl in 2 % Ethanol/Water
ERM-AE701/1-8 (41Ca in 0.6 M HNO3)
ERM-BB184 - Bovine Mussel
ERM-BB185 - Trace elements in bovine liver
ERM-BB186 - Pig Kidney
ERM-BB422 - Fish muscle
ERM-BC211 - Arsenic in rice
ERM-BD150: Skimmed milk powder
ERM-BD151: Skimmed milk powder
ERM-BD512 Dark Chocolate
ERM-CA400 - Total Mercury in Seawater
ERM-CA403 - Seawater
ERM-CA408 Simulated rainwater
ERM-CA615 Trace elements in Groundwater
ERM-CA616 Groundwater
ERM-CA713: Trace elements in waste water
ERM-CC141 - Loam Soil
ERM-CC144 - Sewage Sludge
ERM-CC580 -Total and methylmercury in estuarine sediment
ERM-CC690 - Calcareous Soil
ERM-CD200: Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus):
ERM-CD281 - Rye Grass
ERM-CE101 TROUT MUSCLE (trace elements)
ERM-CE194 Bovine Blood
ERM-CE195 Bovine Blood
ERM-CE196 Bovine Blood
ERM-CE278 - Mussel tissue (mytilus edulis)
ERM-CE278k - Mussel tissue
ERM-CE464 - Total and methyl mercury in tuna fish
ERM-CE477 - Butyltin compounds in mussel tissue
ERM-CZ120 Fine dust (PM10 like)
ERM-DB001: Trace Elements in Human Hair
ERM-EB090a - Titanium (disc) (element content)
ERM-EB090b - Titanium (chips) (element content)
ERM-EC680: Trace elements in polyethylene (high level)
ERM-EC680K Polyethylene (low level)
ERM-EC680m - Polyethylene (low level)
ERM-EC681 - Polyethylene (low level)
ERM-EC681K Polyethylene (high level)
ERM-EC681m - Polyethylene (high level)
IRMM-10 (Pt isotopic wire)
IRMM-12 (52Cr in 1 M HCl)
IRMM-610 (10B aqueous solution)
IRMM-611 (11B aqueous solution)
IRMM-615 (6Li in 0.5 M HCl)
IRMM-618 (87Rb in 0.5 M HNO3)
IRMM-619 (85Rb in 0.5 M HNO3)
IRMM-620 (57Fe in 4.5 M HCl)
IRMM-621 (111Cd in 1 M HNO3)
IRMM-622 (111Cd in 1 M HNO3)
IRMM-624 (50Cr in 1M HCl)
IRMM-625 (52Cr in 1M HCl)
IRMM-632 (65Cu in 1M HNO3)
IRMM-634 (56Fe in 1.8 M HCl)
IRMM-635 (84Sr in 1 M HNO3)
IRMM-804 Rice Flour
IRMM-9 (24Mg in 0.2 M HNO3)


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